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premix for poultry which improves performance of kidneys and has a positive effect on liver


acidity regulators) ammonium chloride E510; (vitamins and pro-vitamins) vitamin C E300; vitamins from the B group (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12); vitamin K; choline; (flavours) extracts of: chamomile, willow, arnica; (technological additives) sorbitol E420;(amino acids, their salts and analogues) methionine 3.1.1.; (silage additives) propylenglycol; (preservatives) sodium citrate E331; potassium citrate E332;

It causes rapid increase in production of urine and purifies the kidneys. The additional presence of plant extracts supports this process.

The preparetion is to be used in cases of:

– urine excretion and secretion disorders;

– urinary system and kidneys inflammations;

– gout occurrence;

– poisonings and drugs overdosing.

dosage duration of the treatment route of administration
1 L/1000 L of drinking water 3-5 days with drinking water
or in accordance with doctor’s recommendation