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Essential oils and herb extracts of oregano and thyme, thymol, caracole, vitamin C

Oregovit effectively eliminates disruptions connected with feed intake, absorption and digestion. It is very efficient in auxiliary treatment of digestive system infections. The preparation prevents diarrhoeas, food poisonings and intestine inflammations. It has a regenerative effect on the organism after antibiotic treatment.

– Thymol and oregano stimulate secretion of gastric juice and facilitate digestion – it has a detoxifying effect;

– Oregano increases secretion of digestive enzymes which in consequence prevents excessive growth of harmful microbes in the intestine. It supports reconstruction of intestinal villus;

– Vitamin C has an anti-inflammatory and reinforcing effect;




Dosage Duration of the treatment Hours a day Route of administration
100 – 200 ml/1000 L of drinking water 6-8 days 8-12 h with drinking water
or in accordance with doctor’s recommendation